Why is it Important to Reach Customers On Mobiles When Advertising Locally?

Why is it Important to Reach Customers On Mobiles When Advertising Locally?

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Reaching customers on mobiles when advertising locally is one of the most crucial steps to grow business online. 
If you are new to online marketing it is a very good option for you to reach your customers locally through their mobile phones. For advertising locally it is no doubt the best way.

To grow your business, you have to reach customers on mobiles when advertising locally at your initial stages of business. So, you have to make a brief knowledge about how you can reach your customers locally in an effective way more specifically through their smartphones.

There are many ways to reach customers on mobiles when advertising. Best effective ways are direct messages through their mobile phones, their social media, local SEO, apps, review sites, networks etc.
In the later part of the blog we discussed in details about the exact and effective methods you can go through it. It will be really helpful.

The answer is in your hand or in your table desk. Truely speaking it is affordable. People in large number use only mobile phones in India because in middle class families it is quite expensive. But mobile users number increasing rapidly. As a business man it is you have to connect your customers with mobile in your mind. It is not only in case of India.

Local SEO is similar to the general SEO but here your visibility is optimized in your local area. It increases your number of local customers. For an example if you have a cycle repairing shop you need not to make your presence globally but locally. Local people will visit your shop. It completely depends on your type of business.

Mobile marketing is to connect your customers directly through their mobile phones via SMS (Short Messages Service), MMS (Multimedia Messages Service) like images and videos, dedicated customer care numbers,social media,email etc. It is helpful for local businesses.

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Here local advertisement options and guidelines are provided to you according to your business type. Toohot Media is well known to reach customers on mobiles when advertising locally.

Reach Customers On Mobiles When Advertising Locally

Important to reach customers on mobiles when advertising locally:

It’s important to reach customers on mobiles when advertising locally.

Create a Google My Business Account:

By creating a google my business account your rank becomes higher in the relevant searches. Add your proper location with google map, contact number, working hours, type of service, and goods you provide. You may add customers’ reviews to your site because people trust online reviews than oral reviews.

Invest in local SEO:

As a small local goods and services provider, it is very important for you to rank top in local SEO. Because you don’t have any idea how, when, and what changes will be going to happen in SEO.
It is changing rapidly. To compete with national brands it is not well for your business to lose your local customers.

Use keywords and hashtag:

For local searching use local keywords like your town or village. You can add popular landmarks and hotspots which are near your store.
If you have a restaurant in Kolkata near Victoria include the name of the place like “just 10 steps from Victoria” Or just “near Victoria”. The hashtag is another very useful way for top ranking in relevant searches.

Mobile Optimization:

Create ads with mobile in mind. People are more likely to visit social media sites on mobile devices. You can create click to call ads. Optimize your websites for mobile users.
Be aware of the font size of the advertisement. It is very important to make it image-based rather than text-based. Because people avoid large texts.

Online business directories:

Take advantage of online business directories like Yelp, MapQuest, Foursquare, etc. It helps to grow your visibility and boost your local SEO. Just mention here your proper location, contact number, a thorough description of your type of business.

Webpage of your business:

Create a dedicated webpage for your business. Where you can show your products and services and also their reviews from customers. Encourage your customers to review your webpage.
On the homepage, you can add your special or upcoming offers which attract the customers. Add your dedicated mobile phone number here for any type of queries of your visitors.

Target your customers through their social media accounts:

Social media sites have lots of information about their users, which allows you to target your audience in more meaningful ways. You can reach customers on mobiles when advertising locally.

For example, if you have a beauty product manufacturing business you can target your female customers, and on the other hand, if you have a plumbing business you can target your male customers or house owners by their social media accounts.

Ask your customers for mobiles to inform them about exciting offers from your store:

Every time of purchasing from your store you can ask your customers for their phone numbers so that you can inform them of the upcoming sales and offers of your store.

It is a very good idea for the local mouth advertisement also. Because after your message your customers often spread the information and it is helpful for local businesses.

That’s why it is important to reach customers on mobiles when advertising locally.

Facebook ads:

Facebook is no doubt a popular platform. You may invest money in it. Its costs vary on the type of business, competition, advertisement area, season, etc. Local advertisement costing charge is obviously less expensive you can easily afford it.

 Google ads:

By Google ads, you just pay for results like click on your advertisement or direct phone calls. It will give you visibility on google search engine networks and as well as google display networks like apps and videos.

Sponsored advertisement:

Choose wisely influencers from your locality to advertise your products and services. It will help you to get attached to local people. Be aware of the age and the personality of the influencer with respect to your business. It will cost-effective also.

Type of your business:

You have to make a clear idea about your business and your target people. For an instance, you have a plumbing business in Hyderabad. In case of that, you no need to advertise it globally. Because no one from London come to you for taking your service.
You have to target your local people or people near your city. In that case, local advertisement through local SEO is really helpful.

Get attached to your old customers:

Respond to the reviews of your customers on your webpage. Always warmly thanked them. Their online reviews are very for your business. Encourage them for giving reviews. Regular update is very important to make a meaningful appearance.

Eye-catching advertisement:

Use eye-catching advertisements for your business. Font size should be comfortable, color and size of the advertisement should be attractive, try to image-based advertisement.

Perfect voice tone:

Remember they are your first priority. During direct interactions use an inviting tone for new customers and try to use a gratitude tone for your old customers.
It is nothing but almost everything. After all, you are the service provider and it is your duty to give special attention to your customers

Benefits to reach customers on mobiles when advertising locally:

Always try to make your advertisement mobile friendly and quick loading. Because people use mobile phones much times greater than a desktop or laptop.

In a study, it is found that the number of customers increased via mobile advertisement is greater than through desktop. And it is easy to handle it. You just have to acquire many creative ideas to reach customers on mobiles when advertising locally in a meaningful way.

Direct messages are a very effective way. Give your customers thanksgiving messages and wishing for many occasions. Alert them of upcoming seasonal offers, the last date of offers, lucky draw coupons, etc. Just attached your customers but not to disturb them.

Viral contents are very attractive nowadays and You should be very creative to make viral content for your business according to the need of the time. But in this case, you have to be very careful about the impact. Within an hour it may become very popular you can take the example of “Baba ka Dhaba”.

Last but not least, don’t forget that many searchers on the go are looking for local results on their smartphones. If your website can be found in the mobile search results it will be a great deal to you.

You may think “why to become online for local businesses? “. I request you to check the link for any doubt about the topic of why digital marketing?

There are many challenges while making an online presence of your business. Click the link and go through the exact problems you may face What is the biggest challenge for most businesses when going online?


Targeting local people by advertising through their mobile phones is an effective way but sometimes you face challenges but it rarely happens.

You just need short and simple, image-based, clear text, local keywords based advertisement. Just focus on the right area of advertisement.

Important steps to reach customers on mobiles when advertising locally:

1st, choose the right platform for your online local business,

2nd, target your ads for your audience,

3rd, create impactful ads made for mobile devices.

There are some popular examples of big brands to grow their business from the grass-root level, like–

‘Share a Coke’ from Coca-Cola and ‘You’re not You when You’re Hungry’ from Snickers. After the campaign, their selling rate became higher surprisingly.

So, you have to sure about your right media, the right content, and also your services.

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