What is Digital Marketing? Why Digital Marketing is Important

What is Digital Marketing? Why Digital Marketing is Important

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a field that utilizes online techniques, channels, or platforms like Social media, Search engines, emails, websites, and electronics like mobiles, laptops, etc., providing better services to the customers.

Or a simpler version…

Any marketing involving electronic devices or the internet is called Digital marketing.

It is online that no physical appearance is essential. It is a way of starting an online business so easily. 

It is a fancy name for smart marketing. There are many forms of digital marketing like social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), email marketing Etc. 

Many people think that social media marketing is the synonym for digital marketing but nothing like that it is only a form of digital marketing. From the beginning, you must clear about the actual conception. 

Suddenly shifting your business online or making a similar appearance at online platforms first time it’s challenging.

But if you have a proper plan and basic idea, you can easily make success.
You may confuse with the technical terms like SEO, social media marketing, marketing channels etc.

but it’s not a big deal if you have energy and patience you can do it. You can go through the article for more information. 

People use computer and laptop very often most particularly for their official work, but they use mobiles all time. So, it is important to reach customers on their mobiles when advertising locally.

It is easy to reach customers through mobile. At the strategic use of different marketing channels affect your business and also your customers buying options.

In this pandemic, most of the sectors have shifted there work from traditional to digital as much as possible—virtual appearance surplus over the physical appearance.

In the case of India, it is the second-most densely populated country, and here the use of mobile phones increases high enough after lockdown.

People are virtually connected. Almost everything is done online, even school, college, important meetings, interviews, official works, court hearings etc.

The future of digital marketing, no doubt is very clear to everyone. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a fundamental part of digital marketing. In simple words by search engine optimization, you can increase your visibility for relevant searches.

Better visibility gives you a stable online appearance. It will help to maintain traffic on your website.

Why invest in digital marketing?

Digital marketing is very important in recent days for your business. If you need an answer, why? The answer is you are already left behind.

Just check on social media your competitors already had started it almost years ago. In business you have to do the same thing that your competitors are doing but get up should be different, it completely depends on you. 

Your customers are online

Now people spend more time on social media than on television. Earlier people see your products and services in tv ads (if you run TV ads) and then go for purchasing it. It’s a long process.

Your customers are online, so why waste time and money on those methods. They always search for their everyday needs online and if they are comfortable with the price, products, and services they bought it from there.

If you don’t have an online presence, they can’t find you, and you know what happens next. So you have made an online presence to reach your customers. 

Compete with bigger corporations 

It’s not too late if you invest your valuable money in the digital platform. It is the only way to compete with bigger corporations such as Amazon.

There are many methods like SEO, PPC, which help to build trust by ranking in Google based on relevancy. Bigger corporations can’t buy ranking.

Direct feedback

Through digital marketing, you can directly interact with your customers when needed, take their feedback directly.

It is really cost-effective because if any correction is needed, you can easily change or look for advanced technology for your goods and services. 

Tracking demands in the market

Not only feedbacks, but you can also track and monitor the whole market in one click. It’s easy to get an exact market situation on your own, not the intermediates.

It helps to reduce your expenditure and invest the amount into digital marketing to grow your business. Regular monitoring helps to grow your business to a higher level. 

Creative presentation

You can go with any creative way to attract your customers which is not always possible with traditional methods.

Nowadays, short length video advertisement based on social issues catches the eyes of people. Those are shared very quickly, which helps you to grow. You can also use some innovative ideas. 

Gaining trust

By taking measures of the problems of your customers relating to your products and services surprisingly build a perfect relationship and they trust you.

They always make constructive comments which help you directly. The comments become your business advertisement if you honestly deal with your customers in such a playful way.

It’s very important to your newly established digital marketing. 

Advertise your goods and services globally

Here you get an opportunity to advertise your goods and services across your country. Yes, it’s hard for the first time as a new person in digital marketing, but gradually you can do this.

By the time you will get attached with so many people across your country and get new ideas and grow your business.

Every single thing is very important to you. You can get ideas which match the international level. 

Rising the numbers of digital media users

It’s helpful for your business. Young people avoid traditional methods of buying products and goods they prefer online because it takes a very short time.

Many apps are developed for business so that rural people can get the benefits of digital platforms quickly.

Your business access from urban to rural and from local to global without investing a lot of money. And it is easily accessible for everyone. 

Identify your customers

In a traditional way of marketing, it is quite impossible in some of the businesses. However, in digital marketing, you can easily target your customers in real-time.

Can see their reviews, queries online, it will help you to connect your customers in a minute if needed.
Those who are not your customers can see your active presence with your clients; they must be impressed. 

This is very important for your business to make a healthy relationship with customers. 

New goals

According to the need of your customers and the need of the market you can set your goals quickly without waiting for a long time.

You are always fully informed about the actual situation of the market. Every review and comment on your audience give an idea about your upcoming projects or the existing projects. 

Sponsored content

Initially, just to informed people about your business, you can go for paid sponsored content on other well-known websites. 

It’s very helpful though you have to invest some money, at the end of the day, more than double will be returned. Wisely investment gives you a big success. Always try to do something new and uncommon. 


Digital marketing, no doubt, is a cost-effective way for your newly started business. The physical campaign always expensive, but if you go for a virtual campaign, it is obviously cost-effective. 

Besides that, your customers, workers, and audience can join in it quickly across your country. 

Work for All Business

Digital marketing is to work for any business. According to your business, some relevant changes are done, but almost the process is the same.

It gives your company to a new height. Nowadays, everyone is attracted to something new; your workers and customers both will undoubtedly enjoying the new getup. It’s work like extra fuel in your business. 

Affordability and Accessibility

It will be surely affordable and at the same time accessible to your customers. You can contact many people at the same time.

From both sides, it is a very time-saving way. Just you have to optimize your activities regularly. 

"Let's go from urban to rural and from local to global. "

Are you ready for digital marketing?

Yes, or no, you can go through it. It will help you. 

Here are three simplified steps it will definitely give you a natural conception. 

Firstly, you have to know the tools and their functions also. 

Second, you have to know how to implement those in your project.

And last but not least, you must have the ability to correct if someone is going wrong. 

You can take the example of driving a car. To drive a car at first, you have to know the parts and their functions, so that while driving, you can use those correctly if the car is going the wrong way you must take it the right way. 

Actually, you have to go slowly, if you need you can contact some website developing agencies for making your own business website. It is none but patience and commitment. Good luck to you. Take time and start from the basics. 


Honestly speaking investing in digital marketing gives you a precious return rather than traditional methods. 

It’s not too late to open your eyes analyze the situation and competition as well and invest in it. Hope you are not disappointed. 

In India, the future of digital marketing is entirely satisfactory. Increasing use of digital methods is the burning proof of it. 

At last, you have to give your attention to the strategic use of different marketing channels, wisely the implementation of these in your body gives you the right place in digital marketing.

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